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WORRA was founded in 2017. It was formed to provide an unified organization for Wyoming Off-Road enthusiasts. 


BoomTown Grand Prix

BOOMTOWN MX Track Casper Wy

**$10 Gate fee. This fee goes to the facility**

*Pits. Google map "BoomTown MX Track"

*Camping Friday and Saturday 

*No open campfires

*Sign up 7am

*Small bike start 9:00am

*Practice 10:15am

*Pee Wee start 10:45am

*Big bike start 10:30am

*Small bikes race 1hr+1lap.

*PeeWee race for 30 min

*Big Bikes: 4 motos.

MOTO 1: Pro/Expert. 45min+1lap

MOTO 2: Int./Nov 45 min+1lap

MOTO 3: Pro/Expert 45min+1lap

MOTO 4: Int./Nov 45min+1lap


*Small bike classes $25 Pre $30 day of

*PeeWee $FREE

*Big Bike $55 pre $65 day of

*Pro $100. 80% pay out.

*We use mototally for scoring and signups. We have two levels of memberships. Day membership is $15. Yearly $55. Day members bring $15 to sign ups Saturday morning. You may pre enter to save the $10 day of entry surcharge. Your day membership will include pie plate number and Mototally transponder. 

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