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                  Rules    and Regulations





WORRA is an organization of motorcycle and ATV riders who are interested in sponsoring or participation in competitive motorcycle activities. The purpose of this association is to organize, coordinate, and regulate the activities of its members. In addition to this, the WORRA will strive to promote motorcycling activities which benefit its members, other motorcyclists and the sport of motorcycling in general.


This rule book is intended to promote safe and fair competition. It was created so that riders know what is expected of them and what they can expect. The WORRA reserves the right to change, delete, and add rules as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. Any typos, omissions, or unclear rules printed in this rule book are subject to interpretation by the Executive Committee. 

NO PIT RIDING. Before or after!


Yearly membership: $55.00. Choose your race number, earn points, and WORRA t-shirt.

Small bike pre- and race day entry: $20.00

Big Bike pre-entry: $65.00

Pro entry: $100.00 80% payout. 

Pro's must be yearly members

Daily membership: $15.00. Pie plate numbers. No Points. Small bike classes are not required day fee. 

Day of race entry big bike: $75.00


Pro.  Start first wave.

Expert. Start second wave

Intermediate. Start third wave




Sub classes will have the following letters adjoining numbers. An Example of a sub class is Expert Open, Intermediate Vet, etc. 

Description: Open is any age any CC bike. Vet is reserved for ages 35-45 years old. Any cc size. Senior is reserved for ages 45+. Any cc size. Pro is Pro and does not have sub classes. Pro is our only pay-out class.  Women is an open class. Any age and CC size. Lites is limited to 250cc 2 or four stroke. Unlimited age.

Number Plate Colors

 A minimum bottom colored 3" tall strip will indicate class.

Red background with white or black numbers = pro

Green background with white or black numbers = novice

Yellow background with black numbers = intermediate

Black background with white numbers = expert

**Big bike women's classes will follow above colors**


Entries:                                             % payed:

0-16                           1st=50% 2nd=30% 3rd=20%  80% of Pro entries+ any added cash

17+                              1st=47.5% 2nd=27.5% 3rd=17.5% 4th=7.5% 90% of Pro entries + any added cash

9-12                            4th=50% of his/her entry (is not paid out of purse)

13-16                          4th=100% of his/her entry (is not paid from purse)

11-16                           5th=50% of his/her entry (is not paid from purse)

17+                              5th=100% of his her entry (is not paid from purse)


WORRA uses MOTOTALLY as it's primary scoring system. All racers must buy a one time scoring transponder. Transponder should be placed on helmet under visor.

Hare scramble format will be up to two hours plus one lap. Official race format will be announced on race flyers. Duration may be shorter depending on conditions and is at the discretion of hosting club. Race ends on the overall leader. Hare & hounds may be timed or a number of loops for completion. Race will end with the overall leader.

A one hour protest period will begin immediately following the last racer finishing. Cash and trophies will be awarded after this period if no protests appear. Protest's must be made in writing to the scoring official. In the event of a protest backup scoring systems (video and/or paper) will be investigated and solution found.  


Points will only be tallied for WORRA members. To be eligible for year end awards points earner must race in at least three (3) races. Racers will drop lowest point race. First tie breaker goes to racer entering the most races. Second tie breaker goes to the racer completing the most laps of the last three races. Third tie breaker goes to the race that gives the best compliments to WORRA staff.

1st 1000 points

2nd 900

3rd 800

4th 700

5th 600

6th 500

7th 400

8th 300

9th 200

10th 100

finish 50

start but dnf 25R

Class Move up points:

Advancement by the Mark-up system is a way of moving riders in a lower class up to an appropriate class and skill level based on a racers finished during the season, rather than the number of points accumulated at year end.
Riders are moved according to their ability and success, rather than the number of races participated in. Riders are responsible for monitoring their own markup points and advancing to the next class at the appropriate time. WORRA officials reserve the ability to advance any rider they feel overly dominant in a class.
1. Riders in all Novice classes will be required to move up to the Intermediate class after earning 25 mark up points on the season.
2. Riders in all Intermediate classes will be required to move up to the Expert class after earning 28 mark up points on the season.
3. There is no mark up from any Expert classes to Pro. WORRA recognizes the Pro class as the premier class complete with payouts and is a voluntary advancement after at least one (1) season as an Expert within WORRA or holds a Pro designation from any other off-road or motocross series.
4. How well a rider finishes in each competition will determine the number of mark-up points acquired.
Mark up points are awarded to the top 5 places in all Novice and Intermediate classes.
5. Mark up points will only be awarded if there are more than 5 riders present in the class for all classes. This is to ensure riders are not pre-maturely marking up due to low class numbers.
6. Schedule of Mark-up Points per RACE: · 1st place 5 points · 2nd place 4 points · 3rd place 3 points · 4th place 2 points · 5th place 1 points · 6th place 1 points · 7th place 1 point
7. After each race, points will be added together. When racers have accumulated the required number of markup points, they will be moved up to the next class. This will be reviewed at the end of a race season.
8. Riders cannot move themselves up during the season to start acquiring the points in the higher class without forfeiting all points in the lower class.
9. All races attended by a racer are scored. There are no end of season race drops at this time. This is for mark up points only this does not affect race series points.
10. Mark ups will not be carried over from season end to the following year.
11. WORRA reserves the right to advance any rider at any time if the rider is outperforming the rest of the competition in a particular class. WORRA may also move a rider down if he/she is not competitive at that level or is creating a hazard for other riders. WORRA reserves the right to make final decisions on all disputes concerning rider classification and move up timing. WORRAs decision will be carefully considered and will be final. Championship points from previous race(s) will be averaged with offsetting races being completed in the appropriate class.
12. Any Novice Open class series riders from the previous year must advance one level from the class they won at the end of the year, even if they did not mark out during that year, and those riders cannot compete in the class they just won. If any rider feels they cannot safely move to a Intermediate Open class,  they may discuss with the referee or WORRA official, final determination of class placement will be made by a WORRA official.
13. Any Novice class rider who dominates in his field but does not qualify for year end position may be subject to advancement by a WORRA offical to the Intermediate class for the following season.
14. Riders advancing from the Junior series to the Big Bike series are allowed to drop a class as needed (Example: An Intermediate Junior may race in the Novice Open class when they transition up in bike size)

Worker Points:

1. Worker points are only awarded to WORRA members that are also active members of a WORRA sanctioned club. Before any worker points are scored on end of season points, sitting WORRA sanctioned club president will approve the request.
2. Worker points will be scored at the end of each race season and will be a 120% average of the riders top three finishes on the season. It is necessary that a rider must also have at least 3 races scored at the end of the season for eligibility.
3. Competitors are only eligible to receive worker points for one race per year and that race must be one in which their club hosted.
4. In the event that two competitors finish the season tied in points, a competitor that has worked a race we be awarded the higher rank

PEEWEE, Junior, Girls, and Women Novice

Peewee A:

50cc max 

2 or 4 stroke

Number plate must carry the letter "A"

PeeWee B:

Automatic single gear AIR COOLED gas or electric (stacyc type)

Number plate must carry a letter "B" after number.

Junior A:

Maximum age- 16

Any clutch bike or automatic

85cc 2 stroke limit 125cc four stroke limit.

Junior  B:

65cc two stroke, 150cc AIR COOLED four stroke.

Automatic or clutch

Maximum age 16.


Age <18

19" max front wheel

Girls Novice:


19" max front wheel


NO PIT RIDING. Before or after!

Juniors. Girls, and Women Nov will race 1 hour +. 

PeeWee race time will be determined race day. Typically 20-30 min or a number of laps depending on course design.

Parents or legal guardian MUST sign release. Proof of age must be supplied at sign in day of race or Friday night check in. One parent or guardian will be required to remain at the track as long as their child or children are on the premises.

Parents please use discretion on placing kids in proper classes. If your child's skill level far exceeds fellow class competitors he or she will be bumped up. Worra wants to form competitive classes while not discouraging kids at the same time.


Course markings:

In general "course" is 25' either side of stake, ribbon or any other marking.  A "gate" consists of 2 stakes, one on either side of trail or course. Racers are required to pass through between the 2 markings.  For 2020 WORRA and supporting clubs will fall in line with the Caselli Foundations course marking protocols.  Follow this link and become familiar with the system:


  1. All riders must present their current WORRA membership card, application or one time riders form in order to sign up at a sanctioned race.

  2. Riders must sign up and race under their own name and assigned WORRA numbers and colors at all sanctioned events or are subject to disqualification.

  3. Riders may sign up and race only in the classification in which they are classified in that category; i.e. Junior’s may only race in the Junior classes, etc. If a rider wishes to change his class he must petition the Competition Committee.

  4. Riders shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times before, during and after an event, both on and off the course. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include, but are not limited to, deliberately hitting or kicking another rider, deliberately causing another rider to crash, speeding through pits or spectator areas, or using foul, obscene or harassing language or gestures. Riders shall not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while competing in an event. This rule also applies to those people with the rider.

  5. Any individual consuming an excessive amount of alcoholic beverages or any illegal drugs during an event can be removed from the event.

  6. All pets must be controlled at all WORRA events (on a leash or tied up), to protect them as well as spectators and riders.

  7. All flag signals must be obeyed immediately by all involved or concerned riders. A rider who disregards any flag may be expelled from the race, docked lap’s, and/or suspended for an indefinite period by the officials of the event or a WORRA official.

  8. It is the sole responsibility of the rider to select a helmet and apparel which will provide appropriate protection. The WORRA does not condone, certify or recommend any manufacturer for their products. The rider must rely on his own judgment in the selection of any helmet or apparel for durability and safety. The following items must be worn at all events:

  9. Helmet full coverage DOT approved

  10. Shatterproof goggles or face shields

  11. Protective pants

  12. Boots - Minimum of 8” high with laces, buckles, or zippers

  13. Long sleeved, over the elbow, jersey or equivalent

  14. Refueling MUST be done in an approved pit area. A properly working gas can that is free from defects must be used. A gas mat must be under vehicle to absorb any spilt gasoline. Gasoline spills must be reported to WORRA official immediately.

  15. Fire extinguisher must be present in proper working order and inspection in every pit with in easy reach of pit crew members.

  16. The parent/guardian of any minor rider/spectator is fully responsible for the actions of that minor. Any and all penalties or sanctions may apply to the parent/guardian and/or rider

  17. Any protest must be submitted in writing to the club referee or a WORRA official. The protest should describe the problem observed and all pertinent facts, state the rule violated, name any witnesses, and state what outcome the protester desires (suspension, rule change, checkpoint thrown out, disqualification, reinstatement, etc). The referee or a WORRA official does not need a protest to be made in order to make a ruling.

  18. On the day at the event the outcome of a protest is determined by the sponsoring club’s referee and not the club.  Exception: In those circumstances when a WORRA official has sufficient knowledge of the facts of the protest (such as personal observation) and feels the safety and/or competitive outcome of that event or subsequent event may be in jeopardy, the WORRA official may overrule the referee.

  19. If the referee/WORRA official’s decision or the WORRA officials override is not satisfactory to the protester, they may appeal to the WORRA. Any such appeal/protest will follow the guidelines below, and will be voted on by the Competition Committee. There is no further appeal.

  20. Any rider who is disqualified or penalized must be notified personally or in writing by the club referee or WORRA official, the day of the event if possible. If a decision cannot be made the day of the event, the rider has until the next WORRA meeting to protest or appeal.

  21. The Competition Committee of the WORRA is empowered to settle finally any appeal, protest, or dispute arising in connection with any sanctioned event. A decision by this Committee shall be final and binding to all parties

  22.  Rider or machine protests must be filed within one hour of the close of the event. A protest against the sponsoring club must be filed by midnight of the close of the event.

  23. Protests of improper sign-up, i.e. wrong class, wrong name, etc. can be made to the Competition Committee at/by the next scheduled meeting.

  24. All results, disqualifications and penalties must be posted and the riders notified one half hour after the close of an event before results are official.

​                                   ICE RACING SUPPLEMENT

  1. Ice screws only. NO SPIKES

  2. Bumpers are a tire protection apparatus put in place to protect fellow racers. Front bumpers must cover tread area following tire radius from front of forks to a point at least 3" below axle center-line. Rear bumpers must cover tread area following tire radius from axle center-line around to a point ninety degrees to flat ground. Front and rear bumpers must be built strong enough as to handle racing abuse. Refer to picture below.

  3. Cash payouts. Classes larger than 6 entries will receive payouts to 1st-3rd. 50% of money paid into class will be awarded to top 3 finishers. 1st=50% 2nd=30% 3rd=20%.  

  4. Helmet, eye protection, long sleeve shirt, long sleeve pants and suitable foot ware must be worn.

  5. No alcohol is to be consumed by racers prior to race conclusion.

  6. 5mph pits. Machine testing/warm-up in designated areas only. 

  7. Minimum of helmet is to be worn anytime racer is on machine.

  8. UTV classes must have suitable seats and passenger restraints for all occupants.

  9. UTV must have roll cage free from any defects.

  10. All UTV occupants must ware all safety gear and sign waiver.


  12. Any "AMA ice screw". No Canadian Head screws. Spikes will not be allowed to race

  13. Front tire "Bumper" must be in place.

  14. Rear tire bumper mandatory

  15. Any CC size


  17. Any " AMA ice screw". No Canadian Head screws. Spikes will not be allowed to race.

  18. Short screw will be defined as any length so long as to not protrude through tire carcass. No inner liner may be used to protect inner-tube. 

  19. Any tire may be used

  20. Front and rear bumpers are not required but strongly suggested. 

  21. Screw length will be checked in 3 random positions on front and rear tires.

  22. ATV 4wd/2wd SCREW:

  23. Refer to "short screw MC". Tire bumpers not required. Running boards or nerf bars strongly suggested.

  24. ATV 4wd/2wd SLICK:

  25. Any tire

  26. No mechanical (screws) traction aids installed in tires. 

  27. UTV Slick Tire

  28. Any cc.

  29. Turbo or N/A

  30. Any tire. No external traction aids

  31. 2 or 4 seat. Maximum of two occupants

  32. UTV Screw Turbo

  33. Any cc

  34. Any turbo

  35. 2 or 4 seat. Maximum of 2 occupants

  36. UTV N/A

  37. Any cc

  38. Any tire

  39. 2 or 4 seat. Maximum of 2 occupants

  40. UTV Grocery Getter

  41. Any cc

  42. Turbo or N/A

  43. Any Slick Tire

  44. 4 seat. 4 occupants maximum. 4 occupants minimum

  45. Race Format

  46. 1-10 racers:

  47. 1 heat race, top 6 will advance to main. Heats are 6 laps.

  48. LCQ top 4 will advance to main. LCQ heat is 6 laps

  49. 10 plus racers

  50. 2 heat races. Top 3 from each heat will advance.

  51. LCQ top 4 will advance. 

  52. 10 lap main. 

  53. Race Format may change and is at the discretion of race officials.



  56. OPEN: 18 Years or older

  57. WOMEN'S: 18 years+

  58. SCHOOL BOY/GIRL: 17 years or younger


  60. OPEN: 18 Years or older

  61. WOMEN'S: 18 years+

  62. SCHOOL BOY/GIRL: 17 years or younger

  63. ATV 2wd SCREW:

  64. OPEN: 18 Years or older

  65. WOMEN'S: 18 years+

  66. SCHOOL BOY/GIRL: 17 years or younger

  67. 2WD SLICK

  68. Open 

  69. 4WD SLICK

  70. Open



  73. 5 years and younger


  75. 13 years and younger. AUTO transmission (no clutch)


  77. 16 Years and younger. Clutch. 159cc max 4stroke. 100cc 2stroke

A New Design (47).jpg

Snow machine

Vintage ice Oval

Click box for ISR Vintage Ice Oval rules


340 cc

MOD, SUPER STOCK. Free air - Liquid - Leaf Spring


MOD, STOCK, SUPER STOCK. Fee air - Liquid - Leaf Spring

50+ Masters.

0-500cc. SUPER STOCK  Freeair - Fan - Liquid - Leaf Spring

Outlaw 500

2000 and older models. 500cc max.  IFS or Spring

Outlaw 700

2000 and older models. 700cc max. IFS or Spring


Age 16 and older. 0-500cc Super Stock - 1985 and older machine. leaf spring 


340 Fan.

8-15y.o. - fan - 120cc mod and 200cc mod will run in this class

120 Stock

200 Stock

                                   Supplement rules

1. Approved helmet and eye protection

2. Tek Vest 

3. Shin, elbow, knee, ear, etc. protection recommended

                    Machine requirements


1. Stock must remain stock

2. Must adhere to ISR Snow Oval Rules

3. Any Ski Runner

4. Working taillight

5. Snow Flap

6. Working tether switch

7. NO paddle tracks. Rubber tracks only.

Super Stock/Mod

1. Rear tunnel enclosure

2. 3/8" maximum stud height

4. 1" track lug height maximum

5. working taillight

6. Clutch must be fully enclosed

7. Working tether 

8. No cleated tracks

9. Padded ski loops

OutLaw 500 & 700

1. 2000 model year and older

2. Ski loop padding

3. Clutch must be fully enclosed

4. Rear tunnel encloser and snowflap

5. 1" maximum track lug height

6. 3/8" maximum stud height

7. NO cleated tracks

8. Working taillight

Questions. (307)752-2999 Tom Kekich

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