Start a club! Wyoming off-road enthusiasts need a presence in the public lands arena. That's the goal of the WORRA, an unified group to help get the word out that we are responsible land users too! 

The idea is to have clubs sponsor a race in your region. WORRA would help with some of the major logistics of the event. Permitting, insurance, promotion, etc. The club would be responsible for the man power and handling the finer details. Some of the details would include sweep riders, flagging the course, checkpoint workers, clean up flagging, etc.

Your club would know best what's available for use able land. Below is a list of clubs and contact info.

Dubois Speed Goats.  

The Speed Goats are based in Dubois Wyoming. If you're a Fremont County rider, join up with them! They have some good ideas and plans for the Off-Road community. Contact Tyler Jardine, (307)438-2156

Beards not required

 To Become a WORRA club is simple:

1. Clubs must have a minimum of  two dues paying WORRA members

2. A social media presence promoting your club and resposible off-road use.


In order for clubs to host a race the following is required:

1. A suitable land either private or publicly owned. Course must be a minimum of 3 miles for hare scramble and 20 miles for hare and hound.

2. A club contact for