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Start a club or join a club! Think NFL. WORRA is the NFL and the clubs are the teams. WORRA needs your help on the local level. You and your group of riders know the lay of the land. WORRA will help with the back end stuff. Permitting, insurance, scoring, promotion etc. Below are our clubs. The list is growing and we are excited to get this deal to the next level. 

Dubois Speed Goats.  

The Speed Goats are based in Dubois Wyoming. If you're a Fremont County rider, join up with them! They have some good ideas and plans for the Off-Road community. Contact Tyler Jardine, (307)438-2156

Beards not required

Badlands M/C is your south east Wyoming connection. They host the Lance Walker Memorial H&H. It is a big undertaking the Harris family does a heck of a job with what they got! To join up, call Shaun Harris at (307)780-6186


North Platte Enduro MC is a Natrona County Club.  They are a great group of guys n gals who are committed to making Wyoming a great place to come race.  Call Scott Winslow  at (760)223-2642 to get involved!


The Dirt Hogs m/c are based out of Riverton WY. They hold the Justin Hill Shootout located just south of Riverton. Kirk Hawker has the details on how to join! (307)851-0465

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