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Q: What kind of racing is this?

A: WORRA races primarily Hare Scramble type of events. We also try and mix it up some with Hare & Hounds and Sprint Enduros. 

Q: What classes and how do I determine my class?

A: Check out our rules section. There you'll find class descriptions. If you've never raced this kind of race, you may just have to "wing" it and jump into a class and see where you stack up.  If we find you are not competitive, we can adjust your class placement next time you race.

Q: How is the winner determined?

A: We score our races several different ways.  Hare scrambles are typically a 2-hour race + 1 lap. Exceptions may be made, and total time may be less and the + one lap may be dropped. However, races will always finish on the over all leader. One thing you may see for instance is the leader comes through finish at 1:59.00 of the 2hr race. The leader will not see the white flag until the next time around. It is rare but has happened. 

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